"You didn't give me these arms, but you gave them a family to hold.
You didn't give me my body but you've truly shaped my soul. Your love has given me wings and how my spirit soars. Knowing that I always will be yours. Forever and for always I am yours."

Monday, April 9, 2012

Off to Guangzhou

Time to say goodbye to Hangzhou.  Meisyn is ready to kiss goodbye and jet off to a new adventure.

 For Jaeya it is not that easy.  Out came the hair clips and all composure as it was time to say goodbye to our lovely guide Vivian and board the plane.
 Meisyn is R E A D Y!  Let the soaring begin.
 Once on the plane it got more bearable and even kinda exciting.  A smile is wiggling its way out.
 TAKE OFF!  Jaeya takes a self photo at the moment of take off.  Not bad!
Landed in Guangzhou!  The first plane ride was over and soon so would be the smiles.  Trying to get the girls and all the carry on's off with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FROM THE CHINA SOUTHERN AIR STAFF THAN STARES was pathetic.  We had to carry them down a slippery two story slippery metal staircase and onto a bus to get to the terminal.  ONE compassionate good samaritan named Lucy who was returning to Guangzhou stayed with us and helped shlep.  She implored the staff in Chinese to help but they just kept shooing us forward.  I may never see you again Lucy but I will NEVER FORGET your kindness.

We rolled into the Shifu Holiday Inn at midnight.

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