"You didn't give me these arms, but you gave them a family to hold.
You didn't give me my body but you've truly shaped my soul. Your love has given me wings and how my spirit soars. Knowing that I always will be yours. Forever and for always I am yours."

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let the Metamorphosis begin. Leaving tomorrow for China!!

Metamorphosis (n)

Change of form, or structure; transformation which is usually accompanied by a change of habitat or behavior.

We are about to witness the metamorphosis of 2 little girls whose broken bodies are soon to be tended and mended. Both girls have amazing smiles and indomitable spirits that see the beauty and positive in their world. However, their physical struggles keep them from fully participating in that sparkling realm.

Jaeya is 12 years old and weighs 26 pounds. Her bones are fragile and easily broken. She was born with a broken pelvis that has never been medically treated. She continues to break bones. She has never had a bone set by a doctor. She has never been given any pain management. She has never been to school because she cannot walk.

Meisyn is six years old. Her hips are dislocated and she has no strength in her legs. She cannot stand. She cannot walk. She cannot open her hands freely. She will spend much of the next two years in multiple castings, including a spica body cast.

In just a few weeks their adoptions will be completed and they will go to Shriner’s Hospital for Children and begin to have their bodies repaired.

Both girls will have surgeries then casts. They will enter their medical chrysalises and cocoon there until they can emerge transformed.

Without your help, this miracle would not be possible. Your selfless financial contribution will allow two tattered and fragile caterpillars become the brilliant butterflies who will finally be able to flit, dance, and SOAR.

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